Welcome to Mark Hilliard’s digital Infrared photography blog! I am  dedicated to the art of Digital Infrared Photography.

I currently use several different converted infrared digital camera systems but have owned and sold many more over the years!

I own and operate The Lens Work Gallery in Pawleys Island, SC which is a fine art nature gallery and offer many basic and advanced digital photography workshops including Infrared!

Currently I am shooting with a 720nm converted Olympus E-P1 PEN camera system including a 9-18mm, 14-42mm and a 45-200mm lens. This system is light and very capable IR system and is perhaps the best IR system that I have ever used (yes it beat my Canon 5D 720nm system hands down)!

The most important thing that I can say about the Olympus system is that it just plain works as advertised! Its image stabilizer and cleaning system remain functional after the IR conversion and the all important custom white balance (E-P1 & 2 work easier with one button WB) is fully functional. I have tested the 14-42, 45-200 panasonic and the new 9-18 and all work with no hot spots (9-18 being wide angle will be prone to light close to the objective surface). Get the conversion done at Spencers Camera:


They are the only company doing this conversion so far but keep on top of them with constant communications and you will be happy. The cost for the 720nm conversion was 300.00

I have had a Canon 5d, 2 of the G9’s, 2 G10’s, Fuji I-S1 and a canon 20d at 590 nm plus the E-P1. I will likely get a E-P1L converted next month as a visible spectrum. Yes I am addicted to IR! I sold everything except for the E-P1 and 20d ( I like the 590 nm).

The Olympus is quick to hand, SHARP focusing and low noise up to ISO 400.

You can see larger and more examples at the IR forums at:



3 comments on “Overview

  1. Hooray! No hot spots. Exactly the info I have been looking for. Thanks and I’ll be exploring the blog further. As you can see, I started at post numero uno 😉

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