Comparing the B+W 099 (550nm) & 092 (695nm) Filters

On the FULL SPECTRUM Olympus  E-PL1 Camera body (9-18mm lens) I was out shooting and trying the B+W 099 & 092 IR filters (550nm & 695nm) today.  Both are very high quality glass (German) and worth every penny that they cost. I am kind of leaning towards the 550nm as my favorite so far.  It gives AMAZING Faux Color images as well as great B&W conversions with good contrast.  The 695 works well also, but just not as good as a 665nm filter.  Here are 2 images for you to decide yourself!

The 099 550nm filter:

“Woods Walk”

The 092 695nm filter:

“The Shoes”

As you can see, the 695nm filter gives a good accounting of itself and generates a very pleasing Faux Color image and a GREAT B&W image, but the 520nm filter just has more impact in the Faux world and does VERY GOOD in the B&W one as well!


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