Infrared Filter Tests: B+W 090, 099 and the XDP Dual Pass Band

Well in keeping with the learning curve with the new E-PL1 full spectrum I have been experimenting with filters to see how things work! Here are some new filters and the results.

First, a B+W 090, 590nm (#25)

Brookgreen Gardens Lily Pond, B+W 090 Filter

Here is another with the 090 filter:

Brookgreen Gardens Reflection Pond  & Pin Oaks, B+W 090 Filter

As you can see, it gives pleasing Faux Color but also good B&W (I am only posting the Faux). This is a light red #25 with a filter factor of 5! I think that this has been my favorite so far, but I do not have the 091 med red 620nm (coming) in hand yet to test. Both the 090 & 091 are selling for  ~$30.00 on Amazon.

OK, next is the 099, ~16 yellow/orange filter at 550nm. It has a filter factor of 4 and gives DEEP colorful Faux images, but the blue sky tends to lean to green (no big deal in CS5). I like it but I think that the 090 filter is a little more useful. This 099 filter is on sale at Amazon for $24.00!

Sandy Island Access Creek B+W 099 Filter

Lastly for today, we have the LDP XDP filter. This is a specialty filter that is Dual Band Pass. What this means is that it passes UV light from ~300 to 450nm and then from 750nm to 850nm. This is a strange filter that gives very interesting results. It has a very high filter factor which I would guess to be around 40 to 50! The image below is right out of the camera with only sharpening applied. What do you think? Any use?

Brookgreen Gardens Reflection Pond, XDP Dual Pass Band Filter


4 comments on “Infrared Filter Tests: B+W 090, 099 and the XDP Dual Pass Band

  1. These photos are awesome!
    Could you please tell me where I can get the LDP XDP 35-=400 & 750nm up Dual Passband filter?
    I love the result but I can’t find it anywhere.
    Maybe you can tell me the homepage or something like that.
    It would be really nice if you could answer via email.
    Thanking you in anticipation

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