B+W 091 & 090 Comparision

This post is to compare the B+W 090 & 091 Red filters for use in a Full Spectrum IR camera system.  The 090 (590 nm ) and the 091 (630 nm) are not far apart in frequency, but the overall results are strikingly different!  I personally am leaning towards the 090 filter for my own use but can see where the 091 has some uses.  First off, the 091 gives a slightly more subdued color set right out of the camera with the blues leaning slightly towards green.  The Reds are softer and present a more gentle image overall.  For Faux and B&W work I think that the 090 gives slightly better results overall.

Here is an image from the 090 filter:

“Marsh Walk”

As you can see, the 090 gives a richer color set for Faux Processing and you have a little more to work with in Photoshop.    Overall this filter has turned out to by my main work horse and it lives on the camera most of the time!

B+W 091

“Carolina Road”

As you can see, the reds and yellows are lighter and more subdued.  This image was really pushed in CS5 in order to bring out the colors to get them as close to the 090 as possible but there was no way to get them there.  I do like the affect  though.  Here is the original image without the color push:

B+W 091 Normal processing:

I hope that you have enough information to make a decision on these 2 filters from B+W.  To me, the 090 is slightly more useful but I will keep both in my kit!


4 comments on “B+W 091 & 090 Comparision

  1. Great pictures! How do you get this effect? I have a full-spectrum camera and the B+W 90, and out of the camera a nature photo comes out mostly reddish. I managed to get some pretty ok white foliage etc, by switching red and blue channels, and giving it blue skies, but I have not seen the gold.

  2. Dear,

    I’m very interested to buy some IR filters for my canon 7D (with the IR blocker still in place)…but I can only find the B+W 092 and 093 and Hoya R72 ones…

    I want to find the semi-infrared ones like above…like the 090…I found the next filter to order somewhere but I guess this is not the infrared one?

    B+W Light Red Filter 090 (25)
    This is the classic filter for architectural photography. White façades glow brightly, the blue sky is darkened dramatically and clouds become more impressive. It is also excellent for spectacular landscape photographs with greatly improved distant views. Its filter factor is approximately 5

    I m interested to buy a 590nm Goldie IR Filter! does it excist as a round filter to turn in front of your lens??

    Furthermore above is stated: “This post is to compare the B+W 090 & 091 Red filters for use in a Full Spectrum IR camera system.” Does this mean that you can only get the colour infrared effect by removing your IR blocker out of your dslr or are there filters available like for exemple the goldie ones I m looking for?

    Hope someone can tell me eventually where to find them…

    • The 090 is the Goldie filter but because it allows some visible light into the camera it will only function on a camera with the hot mirror removed (full spectrum). But because it is full spectrum, you can put a CC1 filter on and it will take normal color images!

      Amazon.com sells all of these filters.

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