Filter Data for Infrared Full Spectrum Photography

When using a FULL SPECTRUM digital infrared camera system, you have the ability to select any band as measured in nano meters for the camera to record, including UV, Visible Color & Infrared! This is done simply by placing the necessary filter in front of the lens you are currently using on the camera. This type of conversion works VERY WELL on a point & shoot style of camera with an electronic viewfinder and poorly on a DSLR with a mirror and prism system. The reason for this is that the DSLR has an optical path for the viewfinder that MUST see though the filter, making it impossible to compose, meter and adjust because the majority of IR filters are too dark to see through!

With this in mind, consider the following list of B+W filters that are usable in the UV/VISIBLE/IR spectrum. I am testing each one and will have examples in further posts for you to look at and see if you have a desire to try them for yourselves!

Infrared Filters

B+W  UV/IR 486          UV/IR blocking Filter      ff=1

B+W 040  550 nm        Yellow/Orange        #16      ff=4
B+W 041  570 nm         Red/Orange            #22      ff=4
B+W 090  590 nm         Bright Red               #25      ff=5
B+W 091  630 nm         Med Red                  #29      ff=8

B+W 099  550 nm         Orange                    #16      ff=4

B+W 092  695 nm         Dark Red                 #89      ff=30

B+W 093  830 nm         Deep IR                   #87      ff=40

LDP  XDP Dual Passband 300-450 nm & 750-850 nm


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