B+W 041 Filter

I got the B+W 041 570 nm filter today and took it out for a test drive! It is a VERY interesting filter (#22) and gives great Faux Color GOLDIE images! I think that this on along with the 090 (590 nm) and the 092 (695 nm) will turn out to be my main filters for most of my Infrared work. It gives about a stop more of light than the 090 and slightly warmer color ranges with plenty to work with in CS5 & Viveza 2.0. This one is a real winner and I highly recommend it.

Here is a test image

Faux IR, E-PL1, B+W 041 (570 nm), "Carolina Road"

B&W, Nik Silver EFX Pro, E-PL1, B+W 041 (570 nm), "Carolina Road"

As you can see, the B&W images is stunning, full of rich dark contrasts and lots of detail. The conversion was done using NIK’s Silver EFX Pro Photoshop plugin and the Neutral setting with a bump up in Structure and Contrast! I will start talking about my software work flow in the next few days and share these exciting software tools with you.


3 comments on “B+W 041 Filter

  1. Hi Mark

    Great blog, and exactly the kind of info I need regarding filters on a UV VIS IR camera. Is it possible for you to put the f number, shutter speed and iso info of each image you have taken. This will be very interesting to me as I live in a windy area of the world (New Zealand) and require relatively fast shutter speeds when taking my landscape images to prevent camera shake.
    I’m mostly interested in how many stops are lost with XDP, 090, 091.

    Many thanks


    • You can download a free EXIF plugin for your web browser which will read the exposure data directly from my images! BUT you can reasonably expect high shutter speeds 1/200 to 1/2000 with a full spectrum conversion and the filters you commented on. In fact, here on the coast of South Carolina we are plagued by high sea winds where nothing will stand still. I rarely use a tripod with my IR E-PL1 full spectrum camera as long as I stay at 630nm or 590nm. 720nm is a little slower but still ok, and 800nm and up will require support. The XDP will be tripod only.

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