Rainy Day IR!

Faux IR, 720nm Canon G10, Murrells Inlet Marsh

That’s right, go out shooting on bad weather days!  There are some amazing benefits to rain shooting, specifically in the clouds but also in SIDEWALK REFLECTIONS!

First let’s discuss the cloud situation.  Normal solid GRAY OVERCAST sky days can generate awesome IR images. A gray sky (as we see it) will be taken apart by an IR system and show subtle textures and graduations! Take a look at the photograph to the right. The sky was straight gray, I could see NO DETAIL at all.  Then, I got out the IR system and look at the information captured in the sky.  I have found this true for pretty much all of the solid gray overcast sky shots that I have taken.

B&W IR, Canon G10 720nm, After The Rain

OK, next consider wet sidewalks in pretty landscapes. If you remember from the previous post, I talked about the 3 rules for good IR photography.  One of those was to include still, reflective water in the composition for reflections if at all possible. This is easy to do when you are around lakes and streams, but what about the rest of the time?  Well, immediately after a rain storm, the sidewalks will hold a thin, still sheen of water or puddles!  These will give great reflections and add a very ethereal element to your composition!  This is SO IMPORTANT to me that I will go out of my way looking for water to include in my images and will watch the weather radar looking for breaks in storms as they pass overhead.  Even a few moments of sunny sky with standing water will make a good infrared shot into a world class capture.  This rule of infrared photography is the difference between the average photographer and a great one!


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