Thoughts on IR Subjects & Composition

B&W IR, Canon G10 720nm, Sullivans Island

Thinking Outside The Box, The 3 Rules:

Infrared photography is more than just landscapes! The hardest lesson that I had to learn is to re-think self imposed subject & composition rules when I pick up an IR camera.

Normal, everyday things we see and pass all the time will take on a new life if composed and presented with IR in mind.

With this in mind, I have 3 rules that I follow when I pick up a IR camera:

1) Setup the composition to add maximum trees.
2) Take the image, but keep returning in hope of clouds.
3) When ever possible, add smooth, still water to the composition.

As long as you can add 2 of the above rules to each image, you will be guaranteed an image that is stunning!

Faux IR, 720nm Canon G10, Stormy Seas

You must keep the normal rules of composition in mind also, 3rds, S & C curves, vantage foreground and background control and so on. My 3 rules listed above are to add IMPACT to infrared images!

Remember, the goal here is to create images that grab the viewer by their hair and yank them into to the picture!

My BEST images always are created after several trips back to re-photograph the subject while hoping for all of my 3 infrared shooting rules to come into place! Re-visit your subject several times if possible and you will not be disappointed with your results.

More on this later.


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