My IR Camera History Part 1 (of many!)

Canon 5D, 13 mpix Body

Several years ago I purchased a Canon 5D 13mp camera body to go along with a 1DMK2 body. My thinking was having a small lightweight body to do panorama work.  Within a month I decided that I HATED the 5D. It was simply too slow & cumbersome and did not have the functionality of the 1D body. It went onto a shelf and stayed there for a year.  After thinking of selling it to recover the money spent, I decided to have it converted to Infrared by LDP ( at 720nm.  Off it went and a week later I had my first IR body in my hands.

Faux IR, 720nm, Canon 5D, "Virginia Lynn"

B&W IR, 720nm, Canon 5D, "Virginia Lynn"

The VERY first picture that I took was all that I needed to become addicted to IR.  It was taken with the Canon 17-40L lens and was of the shrimper Virginal Lynn.  I was hooked.  That first image is still hanging on gallery walls and sells very well.  It was breathtaking (at least to me!) and I simply stopped taking normal color images for about 6 months! I took THOUSANDS of images.  I carried this camera and lens combination everywhere I went.  The 5D enabled me to shoot sharp hand held images with the exposure characteristics of a normal color camera system!  My wife started to get annoyed with me for NOT taking color images and forget birds and animals!

Eventually, the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds returned to my area and I jumped back into Color Photography in a big way, (another addiction!) see:

I never stopped carrying the IR system everywhere I went and soon I realized that I had a BIG problem….

he 5D had simply become too big and heavy to carry with all of my other camera equipment!  Plus we were planning a trip to Costa Rica to chase Hummingbirds and I could see no way to carry a hundred pounds of camera equipment around along with an IR system! Don’t get me wrong, it took stunning images, but it was just too much to carry. After coming to this realization, I started looking for a smaller IR system. My requirements were small, light weight, good resolution and a good lens! I only used IR for land & seascapes, nautical images and a few waterfalls and barns. I simply did NOT need a large system to accomplish this!

After much research, I ordered a Canon G9 and sent it off to LDP for conversion…

More to come later!


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