My IR Camera History Part 2, 3, 4 & 5 (of many)

Canon G9

Canon G9 IR 715nm "Georgia Barn"

OK, kiss the Canon 5D 720nm camera body good by!  It was too big and heavy to carry around PLUS the Canon G9 715nm had arrived from LDP.  The G9 was light and worked well.  It was a little soft but I soon learned to overcome that in Photoshop and above all it was SMALL!  I used the G9 with great results for about 6 months, purchased lots of add on accessory lenses for it and basically had a great time.  Did I mention that it was slightly soft….  There are a lot of great lens adapters out there for this camera. I used a wide angle adapter to modify the built in lens of the G9 with VERY good results!   Then OMG the Canon G10 came out at 15 mega pixels!

Canon G10 665nm "Cartwheel Bay Barn"

15 mega pixels!

This was just too good to be true! So say good by to the G9 (a good new owner)

Canon G10

and hello to 2, YES TWO G10’s, one at 720nm from LDP and the other at 665nm from Lifepixel!  (Do you remember when I said it was an addiction?!?) The LDP conversion came back with MAJOR focus problems. It would never produce a sharp image no matter how hard I tried. It also had an exposure reductions that almost made it so slow as to make hand held photography impossible. So, it went back to be re-converted to normal color.  BUT, the Lifepixel conversion to 665nm was perfect! It was fast and sharp and worked perfectly.

Canon G10, 665nm "Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica"

I had found my camera at last.  This camera lasted about a year and traveled all over the US and Costa Rica with me.  It wouldn’t use any of the external lenses that I used on the G9 but that was OK, it had a wider end on the zoom and was really sharp.  The Really nice thing about this camera was my ability to carry it everywhere I went, both here and in Central America.  I have THOUSANDS of images taken with this camera and fondly remember it (and yes I sometimes even miss it), but all things come to an end!  The demise of the G10 came on the winds of the new Olympus PEN E-P1.  A small mirror less DSLR with interchangeable lenses!  So say good by to the G10 as it went off to a good new home!

Fuji IS-1 Full Spectrum IR Camera

I teach Basic and Advanced Digital Infrared Photography Workshops here in Pawleys Island.  I was provided with a Fuji IS-1 Factory Infrared camera system to use in these workshops in hopes of enhancing its sales through the students.  The IS-1 is an unusual camera as it was designed for Police CSI units and is a Full Spectrum system with various included filters which when used will program the IS-1’s operating spectrum!  The camera works very well and can photograph everything from UV through Deep IR including normal color images!  It uses standard AA batteries and has 2 memory card slots.  I actually like using this camera very much but it is only 9 mega pixel so it takes a back seat to all of my other camera systems.



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