Tiffen 047B Dark Blue Filter Findings!

A friend suggested that I try this dark blue filter (Tiffen o47B) on my Full Spectrum E-PL1 camera system.  At first I didn’t think that it would be worth while since the filter is clearly down in the visible spectrum and not in IR at all, but the filter only cost $24 on Amazon.com so I figured what the heck!  It arrived today and I put it onto the Olympus 9-18mm Micro 4/3 lens and took it out for a test drive.  It is a VERY unusual filter and the results are cool.   It does have a filter factor of about 10 though and you will loose a little light as a result.  It can still be hand held, but the shutter speed was around 1/100 s, still fast enough!  It is important to get the correct White Balance.  I tried both the blue sky and green plants.  The Sky generated a mostly totally yellow image and the green plants generated what you see below.  It is a striking image but I am not sure if I would use it all that much.  You will have to decide for yourself after looking at the images.  Let me know what you think!  The two images here are WB’ed on the green plants.  I did NO channel swap to generate the Faux image which opens up a world of possibilities for those who are out and about and wanting an immediate print right out of the camera!

Olympus E-PL1, Tiffen 047B Filter "Carolina Road"

Olympus E-PL1, Tiffen 047B, Nik Silver EFX "Carolina Road"

I do like the yellow effect of this filter, it is very near the same as a Goldie Filter (590nm) but this one requires no channel swap for Faux Color.  It shortens your work flow but still generates an interesting image.  The processing done here was using Nik Software’s Viveza 2.0 and bumping up the colors of the leaves and moving them slightly more towards the yellow. That is all there was to it!  I could have easily moved the leaves any direction I wished, red, white or yellow with no problem, the data is all there in the Full Spectrum file.


2 comments on “Tiffen 047B Dark Blue Filter Findings!

  1. Very interesting color. but is this classified as infared pictures or not. Or is there part of infared spectrum in this picture.
    There’s one website (Not in US), who can convert camera professionally. Some of infared versions they made, requires no post processing at all. I still can not figure out how he does it. Check out this web site


    Note: I am not affiliated with this website.. 🙂

    • It is a little towards the UV and a splash of visable light, but there is a spike in the passband of the filter that allows IR through around 720nm. It is more of a toy really, and I will not likely use ut too much. I am thinking that the conversion you brought to my attention from my infrared is something close to the 047B as well. I have written them asking about their products and will post what I find out here on my blog!

      There is a company in Utah called Spencers Camera (the have a web site) who do conversions on this camera. I have seen 3 done by them now! I will check out the web site, thanks for the info and for visiting!

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