BAD Storm with Water Spouts in Infrared!

I was shooting a VERY BAD storm last week  and wasn’t looking towards the ocean when I was processing my images.  Yesterday I was looking over the RAW images again and realized that in this one I was showing a waterspout down on the ocean and a 2nd one coming down!  Look at the right side of the picture at the edge of the rotating portion of the storm to see them!  The one that is down is hooking right then down and the other is forming an arc starting to come down.  My daughter had told me of spouts (she was on the beach watching them) and I was upset that I had missed them! I was amazed that I had missed this!! This storm had everything, a Shelf Cloud, Mamatus Clouds, Rotation and Water Spouts!  The image was captured using the Olympus E-P1  720nm with the 9-18mm wide angle lens.

This is an example of the reason for ALWAYS having a camera with you.  For this shot it really wouldn’t have mattered if it was Infrared or Visible Color, either would have been great, BUT… the Infrared does give a unique interpretation of the subject!

Olympus E-P1, 720nm, Severe Storm, Water Spouts, Faux Color

Olympus E-P1, 720nm B&W


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