047B Filter Test UPDATE!!

Exciting New Findings With The Tiffen 047B Deep Blue Filter

Well after talking to you all about the results of the Tiffen 047B Dark Blue filter test from the other day, I decided to do a little more investigation.  There is a company overseas called MyInfrared who have a new camera conversion called the TRAVEL INFRARED conversion.  After a little more testing I have come to the conclusion that they are using the 047B or something very close to it for this camera conversion!  The more I read about their system the more I liked it.  I took out the E-PL1 and put the 047B filter on the 9-18mm lens and went out for some tests. It was dark and stormy outside with dark blue clouds with a thunderstorm. The light was diminished but I was still able to shoot hand held.

047B Filter WB on Grass Thru BRNO WB LENS HOOD

The importing thing to consider when using this filter is choosing the correct White Balance.  I am showing you two images here, the first one was White Balanced on the green grass through a BRNO White Balance Lens Hood pointed down at the grass.

BRNO WB Lens Hood

This gave a green tint in the LCD and produced this first image on the left.  I shot both in RAW and JPG, and the JPG actually came out on the computer identical to how it looked on the LCD panel.  Keep in mind that the ONLY Post Processing on these images was a little sharpening and contrast adjustment. NOTHING ELSE!

047B Filter with Sky WB thru BRNO LENS HOOD

This second image was the same basic shot but the White Balance was with the camera pointed up at the stormy sky thru the BRNO WB hood giving a blueish tint in the LCD.  This images gives slightly richer colors in both the sky and plants.  Again, the only post processing on this image was sharpening and contrast.  The image was a JPG images straight out of the camera.

This test has provided images VERY MUCH like those from the cameras converted by MyInfrared!  I am very excited about this and plan on some more experimentation with it on another day.  It does indeed provide a wide spectrum image with UV, a splash of Visible Color and Infrared in the 720nm range.  All of this from the Deep Blue, Dual band filter.  I hope that you are intrigued enough to go out and try this filter on your own on your FULL SPECTRUM camera conversions!

I think that the reasoning behind this new conversion is to provide instant feedback for photographers who are on the move while on vacation and provide the ability for instant printing at mini labs. Remember this worked much better with the camera shooting JPG rather than RAW (I shot in both at the same time), and setting a custom white balance as the light conditions changed and/or if you changed lenses.   I really like (so far) the BRNO WB LENS HOOD! It has proved to be accurate with every shooting condition change and filter change I have used so far!

Let me know what YOU think of this Dark Blue filter from Tiffen!


One comment on “047B Filter Test UPDATE!!

  1. Very cool finding. If you notice in their web sites, they have 7 infared versions available.


    Other than travel infared, there are 3 other versions that produces very interesting colors WITHOUT post processing:
    – prewed infrared
    – fantasy infrared
    – avatar infrared

    If you like that website, check out this website.
    It’s in Indonesian language, so you have to view it with “Google Translate” for example. Check out the video, he even displays his versions in video, without post processing. Don’t ask them what they put inside the camera because it’s their “secret” recipe.


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