Introduction to Post Processing Faux IR Images – Channel Swap Action (Part 2)

Khromagery Faux Color Photoshop Action

I have added a Download area menu item to the right. This will allow me to provide file downloads for you relating to Infrared Photography and Post Processing (such as Photoshop Actions).

Currently there is only 1 item, the Faux Color Photoshop action. This is provided by Khromagery as a free download. Please be sure to thank them for their work on this! It doesn’t matter about your individual images, when processing them after the fact you should always try both Faux Color and B&W!

This action is the BEST Faux Color action that I have ever seen or used. It works in an Adjustment Layer within Photoshop which means Non Destructive Editing! The power of it lays in the fact that after it runs it pops up a channel window showing the MASTER channel controls. By selecting this and changing it to a specific color channel like Red, Cyan, Yellow and Blue you can change the hue and saturation of each, changing the overall look of the Conversion Swap! Do NOT make the mistake of simply changing the MASTER channel controls, choose individual colors and you will be impressed!

To use, go to the download menu on the right and click on it, download and save on your computer. Open Photoshop and go to the Actions Window and click on the Load button, point to where you saved this action on the computer and away you go!


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