Non-normal Infrared Image Subjects!

Old Rt 66

It is raining outside today and I find myself sitting in the gallery thinking about what I like shooting in Infrared.  I have already told you about my 3 rules to successful Infrared images but what about other types of Infrared work?  Things that you would not normally even consider?  Sometimes an obscure image can be quite stunning and shooting things that do not reflect Infrared light (like plants do) can and will give stunning Black & White images!  Look for steel and wood  in your subjects, THINK, Black & White!  Take the telephone poles and snow scene to the left.  It is not what I would call a normal IR setting but with the heavy snow and mist it gives a great B&W image and I did not have to change cameras. This one was take with the Canon G10 (665nm) but processed in Silver EFX Pro for a very ethereal B&W.

Adobe at The Painted Desert

How about another…. Same camera, Canon G10 but a slightly better sky and a snow covered building.  This images looks great in normal color but my personal opinion is that EVERYTHING looks better in B&W!  The Sky has a very nice graduation and there is so much detail in the mud adobe that I find myself looking at this image for long periods of time, seeing something a little different each time.  Again, not a normal IR subject, but as you can see, it works very well!  This image was post processed using Silver EFX Pro.

Keep these images in mind as you are out and about looking for interesting subjects for possible Infrared ideas.  Try everything, I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed in your outcomes!


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