Olympus 14-150mm 590nm Lens Test

Olympus 14-150mm Micro 4/3

Hi everyone!  It is a slow day down here in the Low Country!  There are no clouds plus I have to be at the gallery today so there will be no shooting.  BUT I did take out the Olympus 14-150mm Micro 4/3 lens with the B+W 090 590nm (Goldie) filter for a test run.

The first thing that I would like to draw your attention too is the great build quality of this lens! It is smooth with enough friction to make the zoom function very nice.  It is VERY light and the camera handles very well with the lens attached.  Again, Olympus cheapens the value of this lens  by NOT including a lens hood, after all, it is a wide angle on one end (shame on you!).

Faux Color 590nm (Goldie), "Carolina Road"

I am testing today with the B+W 090 590nm Infrared filter.  The image on the right was processed both in Faux Color and B&W.  It produced a VERY SHARP image with great contrast.  There are NO Infrared HOT-SPOTS BUT the lens is subject to lens flare if  you allow the sunlight to enter the lens at an extreme angle. The image was sharp edge to edge at all zoom ranges.  I used my standard Faux processing as detailed in a previous post.

B&W "Carolina Road"

The 2nd image is a Black & White version of the same photograph processed through NIK Software’s Silver EFX Pro using the standard model.  As you can see, the monochrome graduations are very smooth and the contrasts generated by this lens are perfect!

I did my RAW processing through Capture One 5 Pro and had it analyze the image for Chromatic Aberration and apply an automatic correction.  It did a very good job and  I have found no hint of any CA at all!

I am VERY pleased with this lens and filter combination for Infrared.  This super zoom will provide a universal walk around lens that will give great compromise shooting capabilities while out and about.  I will be able to limit my lens kit to two lenses, the OlChoose from the most used tagsympus 9-18 micro 4/3 and the Olympus 14-140mm micro 4/3!


2 comments on “Olympus 14-150mm 590nm Lens Test

  1. Wonderful Site.I want to know from where I can purchase an IR converted Camera Like Cannon G 10 or Cannon G11 or Panasonic GF-1 or Oly PL-1 in Singapore, and its approx in USD.

    I would be greatful if you can find the name and address to contact them or their E- mail I.D.

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