Introduction to Post Processing, Downloader Pro (Part 3)

Getting Your Images From the Camera To The Computer In An Intelligent & Meaningful Way!

Hello all!  Today I thought that I would tackle the first of the software steps/tools in my work flow.  After I take the pictures out in the field I have to get them into the computer.  Most people simply copy the camera or memory card directly into the computer in some random directory with no thought as to how they will manage the images a year from now!

If you have trouble viewing the images in this post in your browser, click on them to bring up a larger version!

Downloader Pro Download Path and File Naming Setup

For me (and this is just a suggestion) this involves 2 separate image libraries.  The first one is the library of all the RAW images. It is divided into Camera (I have several), Year & Month.  The file names of the camera RAW files are changed to reflect the Camera Name, Camera Image Serial Number, General Location & Year. The files are automatically moved from the memory card when I plug it into the computer, renamed and placed into the correct directories as specified above automatically.   Sounds difficult doesn’t it?  Well, say welcome to Downloader Pro ($30.00) from Breezesys! This little utility does all of the above functions plus a whole lot more!  You can geo tag your images automatically, support lots of different cameras and much more.  The biggest plus to this system is the fact that it will dynamically change the image name dependent upon some programmable tags, rename them accordingly and move them into the proper directories creating the directories if needed!  Take a look at the right hand image to  see the programming interface setup. It looks complicated, but in fact it is very simple.

Job Code Window

Each time you start Downloader it will prompt your for a Job Description that can be included in the image file name!  Keeping the 4 digit camera image serial number is important for indexing and searching your RAW library and finished library.  This serial number will be the link between files in the two libraries! This utility can include the orgional serial number in each file name.  Now, for me, I enter the IR band (ie: 590nm) and the job location into this job code.  I have added tags in the setup screen to add the camera name, image serial number and year in a 2 digit format. This generates a file name like:

Oly E-PL1 5432 590nm Georgetown 10.qrf

Downloader Pro Folder Naming Example

Image Nameing

The RAW Image tree can be setup any way you wish and will make your image management very organized and easy.  The biggest plus is the intelligent image names created that are meaningful!

Downloader Pro also has the ability to add Key Words to your EXIF data allowing faster searching and indexing.  They have several pages of forms that you can fill out with copyright, owner, job and other data that will help protect your images!

All in all this little utility is one MAJOR work saver for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who takes images!  One negative:  They do NOT have a version that works on Apple Computers!

OK, that’s it for Downloader Pro but we cannot have a post about Infrared (even sumething as mundane as downloading image files) without an Infrared Image!

Baytown Warf Park, Sandestin Resort, Destin Florida, Canon 5D 720nm


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