Deciding on Faux Color or B&W Infrared Post Processing!

Understanding YOUR Artistic Vision!

This is the hardest of the decisions that I face when post processing! I just don’t know which way to go with EVERY image that I create. For me, the Faux Color images look more appealing and I tend to really work on them to bring out every nuance of Color & B&W data in each and every one that I process.

Take today’s shoot for instance…. A semi cloudy day with storms off in the distance. The sun is bright and overhead. I went out with my friends Lori & Victor to specifically look for old trains around the Conway, South Carolina area. I had no trouble locating lots of interesting train scenes, but lots of trouble deciding on how to post process the train images! I am a TOTAL SLAVE to my own likes & dislikes when it comes to my own images, but will bow down to public demand on my images after printed, framed and mounted. Sales tend to drive supply. So, I usually make all of my Infrared images in both Faux Color and B&W hoping against all of the odds that the public will like, NO, demand that I produce what I personally like the best! (aside from my Infrared addiction you now must realize that I am also deluded when it comes to my own work). It is VERY RARE that my wife (Ellen) will like and appreciate my Faux Color vision for a image, but when she does, I pull out all of the stops and jump right into printing it LARGE in a canvas gallery wrap! They usually always sell! The rest of the time I stick to the B&W (Ellen really does pick them correctly) when printing! This really depresses me to think that my own artistic self view could be so skewed (but more on this thought process later).

I am including 4 images below for you to look at. PLEASE examine them carefully and send me some feedback on what you like and why!! This is really an exercise for me to better understand your artistic mind! I will show you a Faux Color image followed by a B&W version. (remember, I too prefere B&W to Color but there is just something about the FAUX process where you combine both B&W and Color in the same image!).

Please, don’t be shy, tell me what you like and why! Who knows, you might actually help me to improve my work and selection process!



4 comments on “Deciding on Faux Color or B&W Infrared Post Processing!

  1. I Like color IR, and picture no.3 looks nice with the magenta color. Picture no.1 with goldy leave, it’s kind of boring for me, because most of the IR photographers produced this color.I saw some IR photos with purple leaves color, and it looks interesting.

    • I really don’t have any favorite at this point. The two Faux images you are talking about are done with two different filters. Surprisingly, I tend to carry the cameras with the 090 Goldie (590nm) filter most of the time which is the first image. For the purple, look at the XDP dual band filter discussed in a much earlier post!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. I’d have to say I like the Faux better on both images!

    I’ll have to look into this infrared photography. Never heard of it. Images look great. They have an HDR feel to them.

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