The Devil Is In The Details

Look Close, See More!

Today was the end of the Basic & Advanced Infrared Workshop & Excursions. Yes, multiple trips out and about shooting IR! The trips out highlighted a problem that we all face as photographers, what do we make images of? When you put a group of photographers together the issue of subject matter gets even worse. Today, this is one of the areas that we worked with, how to find good subjects when everyone is shooting the same things!

Stormy Seas Detail, 590nm E-Pl1

We all struggle from time to time with our art. Being able to continue finding worthy subjects is a difficult task. But riddle me this, instead of moving from place to place searching for that perfect image, try moving in closer! Think smaller, look to the parts that make up the whole and see an entirely new universe of interesting subject matter!

Poor Boy Bow Spit, 590nm

When you are done shooting the shrimp boat move in close and start shooting parts of the shrimp boat. Give the viewer a chance to ponder on what they are NOT seeing! When you couple this with the fact that you are also shooting in Infrared which automatically guarantees greater subject interest you just cannot loose!

Faux and B&W, Framed!

Take the time to look for interesting framed images in reflections! Play with combined Black & White and Color in the same image. Look in windows, puddles and ponds. Even in shiny car surfaces you can find interesting frames and compositions.

If you look close enough you will never run out of great ideas for your photography. Another trick is to look behind your subject and compose in a way that even though your main subject is just that, the background object of interest will take on new and greater meaning which forces your viewer to sit back and consider what they are actually looking at. Images that do this are what make photography great and inspiring! Even something as strange as the image above of the brick wall with a plant viewable through the holes ask the question: What is that behind the wall and what is the artist trying to tell me?

Strange picture, but... What is THAT behind the bricks?

Create thought provoking images, go out and inspire!

I will be gone this coming week, see you when I get back!


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