LDP CC1 UV/IR Cut Filter

LDP CC1 UV/IR Cut Filter On The

Full Spectrum IR Conversion Oly Pen

LDP CC1 Filter

Hello all! Well here it is…. I got the new CC1 filter from LDP up in New Jersey and have to tell you that it solved ALL of my White Balance issues with the Olympus E-PL1 Full Spectrum IR conversion when shooting in Normal Color!  I can put the camera in AUTO White Balance and get great color images every time I press the shutter!  The issues with the flash have been solved, no more BLUE tinted images!

I am so pleased with this filter that I called them up an ordered another one at 52mm for my other lenses that take that size (Olympus 9-18mm micro 4/3, Panasonic 45-200mm micro 4/3)!

UV/IR Cut Filter Removed From The Olympus PEN

The increase in quality is simply amazing.  If you are considering the Full Spectrum Infrared conversion on the Olympus E-P1, E-PL1 or the E-P2 then this is the UV/IR Cut Filter to use!

I am unsure as to why you cannot find this filter from any of the other filter companies out there, but perhaps I have just missed them. If any of you should find another company that makes one please drop me a line so that I can tell everyone about them as well.

Remember this filter costs about 2/3 the price of the B+W 486!


8 comments on “LDP CC1 UV/IR Cut Filter

      • Ok. Because I ordered a Canon 60d to be converted to full spectrum. I wanted to know how to take “normal” looking pictures with it. I read some people use a neutral density filter when they combine a hot mirror filter with their camera in order to shoot normal pictures again. Do you combine other filters with this LDP CC1?

      • OK, yes, full spectrum can be converted back to color with the CC1 filter. I personally like to stack the CC1 with the B+W 486. But at first I wouldn’t do this till I tried the CC1 with your camera. Make SURE that you tell the conversion company to send you the uv/ir filter they remove from your camera. THis will tell you the best way to go to color. If you turn the filter over in your hands in bright light and it simply looks aqua with NO goldish tint on ONE side then the CC1 is perfect. If in fact it DOES have a goldish tint/sheen on ONE side then stacking the filters will give you a better result.

        FOr stacking, simply remove the retaining ring on the cc1 and set the assembly aside. Then remove the ring on the 486 filter (a little harder since it is a press on ring) making sure that the filters are totally clean stack them in the CC1 ring set (which is a deep set) and reinstall the retaining ring. If your search thru the blog and look up my posts on the NEX-5 you will find this discussed and pictured!

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