And Now For Something Different

Or, What I Did/Do On My Summer Vacation

I am getting ready to leave for an 11 day trip to St. Louis. Along the way I will stop and photograph as many Grist Mills that I can in Infrared. I plan on spending a few days in the mountains of South Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky in this search.  BUT…..

It is time to put away the Infrared system here in Pawleys Island for the rest of August and September!  OMG you cry in anguish all the while looking into my soul trying to understand… but to no avail!   Well, if you read my earlier posts here you would understand!  It is HUMMING BIRD SEASON here in Pawleys!  This is the two months of heavy activity for these little warriors, and NOTHING compares to the joy that photographing these little wonders brings to me!  I will attempt to post an image or two here of my other photographic passion during this time away from Infrared, so please be patient with me while I get this sweet sickness out of my system…. Please?

Hummingbird photography is a VERY SERIOUS business.  Very expensive as well.  you can NOT stop the wing movement of a hummingbird in flight with ANY camera, it just cannot be done.  What has to be done is to use many high speed flash units to stop the motion and a normal shutter speed with the ambient light exposure set at about -5ev!  This gross underexposure stops any ambient light from creating a ghost image of the wings moving basically negating one of the 2 exposures when you are shooting in daylight along with a flash.  The flash units are then placed VERY CLOSE to the birds (4 inches) to provide a very short burst of light that stops all motion! If you are interested in this distinct area of photography please visit my hummingbird site at for a lot of information on the process.

Adult Ruby-throated Hummingbird

This image was shot today in my back yard with 5 flash units set at 1/11000s pulse and arranged around the stage at 4 inches, a 400mm DO,wireless  remote shutter control, and a wireless flash controller.  Setup took about 1/2 hour and the action started as soon as I walked away from the stage!

Male Ruby-throated Flight, Day 2


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