NEX-5 White Balance Re-visited!

Strange But True!

Sony NEX-5, Hoya R72 Filter, Custom White Balance Failure

OK, after playing with the custom white balance on the NEX-5 using ANY lens based Infrared filter I have made the following discovery.

While the camera ALWAYS reports the custom white balance as failed, and it reports the proper Kelvin value along with the suggested tint value, it actually enters the proper numbers into the white balance controls of the camera and moves on.  So, it fails, but it works!  Strange….

So far I like the B+W 090 and 091 filters with the NEX on its 18-55mm kit lens. I am going to try the Hoya R72 filter on it in the next few days when the tropical rains end here in the Low Country!

OK, I went out in the rain and tried 1 image with the R72.  As you can see we are getting proper reds in the trees, the sky was gray due to the storm so no blue there.  So far NOT very impressive!  Perhaps I am destined to have the camera converted back to Color only…..  What a tragedy that would be!


3 comments on “NEX-5 White Balance Re-visited!

  1. Hi there thanks for sharing. Did you remove the ir filter of the sensor or is this picture a result of an original NEX without any internal modification?

    I just ordered the Hoya and can’t wait to work with it.
    Any information would be helpful.

    • Erik, thanks for visiting! The NEX-5 was modified to a Full Spectrum IR Camera in that it had the hot mirror replaced with a clear glass. You then program the IR band you want with a filter on the lens!

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