Hoya R72 With The E-PL1

The Wheel House Bell…


Fun With 720nm

The Wheel House Bell, Hoya R72, E-PL1

I went out this morning to shoot some Shrimp Boats in Georgetown.  I wanted to test out the Hoya R72 720nm filter on the Olympus E-PL1 with the  Oly MZ 14-150mm lens.  It was a good morning and the sky was covered with small entangled light and dark clouds with very little blue showing though.  It was a very good Infrared morning.  I had decided to focus on details rather than the whole.  I was specifically looking for supporting images for a project on the vanishing shrimp industry here in the Low Country of South Carolina.

As you can see from the image on the left, the R72 gives a very good accounting of itself.  The contrasts are good and the camera white balances with almost a pure monochromatic view on the camera itself.  This makes for a VERY pleasing ease of operation!  I did find that the camera did NOT need any exposure compensation when using this filter.  What the meter reported to the camera was dead on.  What more can you ask for?

Shrimp Nets & Floats, B&W, R72, E-PL1

When considering the R72 for Faux processing I think that you will be generally pleased.  even though I did not have any real blue sky to work with this morning I was still able to generate some good Faux processed images.  Here is another detail shot of a shrimp net and floats on one of the boats processed in both Faux and B&W.  I am very pleased with both.

I think that I will keep the Hoya R72 in my filter kit in both 52mm and 58mm which will give me coverage from 9mm to 150mm with my 2 main lenses the 9-18mm Olympus and the 14-150 Olympus! It is a mid range filter as far as costs go and ranges around $80.00 for the 58mm size.

Shrimp Nets & Floats, Faux Processing, R72, E-PL1


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