The Great Grist Mill Trip Part Two

The Tims & Hagood Mill



Still processing….. I have been so busy with the gallery that I have not had any time to work here.  So I thought that I would spend a little today and work on the Blog!  I am still very happy with my recent Grist Mill trip but am VERY behind in the image processing.  I have literally hundreds of images that I need to work through! I worked a little today on it and came up with 3 new images of the Tims and Hagood mills in both Faux and B&W.

I especially like the Faux image of Hagood.  It really draws me into the image and I find myself sitting and just looking!  It is exactly as I remember it on site where I was just as mesmerized with it! For this image I used the Faux Color action that you can download from this site (Lower Right Menu).  I went through the color channels of the last step of the action and selected red, cyan and blue which I adjusted to get the effect that I liked!  I then used Viveza to fine adjust the color and structure.  All in all it took about 3 min from start to finish!

Hagood Grist Mill, 695nm, Oly E-PL1 Full Spectrum IR Conversion



Hagood Mill, B&W


The lens used was the new Olympus Micro 4/3 9-18mm with a B+W 091 695nm filter installed.  I shot on the tripod for added stability and clarity.  The day was ULTRA bright and was even causing problems in Infrared!  But in the end Infrared still saved the day!  Color was just impossible due to the bright mid day sunlight!


The Black and White image is nice but…. It just doesn’t talk to me!  Do not get me wrong, it is a good image but it just doesn’t impact me on an emotional level!  Post processing on the B&W image was simply taking the Faux version and running it through the NIK Silver EFX Pro filter withing Photoshop CS5 and choosing the neutral version and adding structure! Simple and fast.

Now, the Tims Mill.  A very pretty mill to be sure, but one covered in permanent shade from the trees that keep it covered all day long!  A difficult subject for sure.  Angles were also difficult as well.  I did several shots from different angles, and found this one pleased me the most.  The image just did not have enough light for a properly processed Faux image so I stuck with B&W which turned out pretty well I think!  Post processing was exactly the same for this image as the Hagood image!  Let me know what you think of these!


The Tims Mill, B&W, 695nm



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