Infrared Self Critique

Critique Of My Own Infrared Images

Today I am going to take a look at  four of my own Infrared images with a critical eye.  I will tell you what I was thinking and trying to capture at the time I was taking them. You may or may not agree with my view points but that is what makes this country and art in general great!  We own have our own views and appreciations of what we like! OK here goes nothing:

Image 1, Watery Walk:

Watery Walk, Brookgreen Gardens, Pawleys Island, SC

This image is an attempting to draw me into its depths.  It achieves this through the watery reflections in the sidewalk. It gives me a “wonderland” type of feeling when I view it. There are no elements that are out of place with the central theme of the image or that detract from it!  So for the artistic side it works very well.  The exposure is dead on and it has 2 of the big 3 IR composition requirements!  This is a winner.


Image 2, Reflective:



Dull, muted colors highlight this image of the Salt Marsh in Murrells Inlet, SC.  It was almost dark and very dreary outside when I took this image so the colors express the emotions felt when I was standing there! It is a highly reflective image that makes it difficult to determine where the real items end and their reflections begin! It is artistically pleasing  but leaves me wanting a little bit more in the sky and water’s surface. The Faux post processing really needs to be redone making the clouds monochromatic but leaving the bare sky (and water reflection) blue. A little structure needs to be added to the waters surface to bring out more detail.  All in all, this is an OK image but with a little more processing it could be “World Class”! The technical makeup is perfect. The composition is good and the exposure is dead on.


Image 3, Dragon Rocks

Dragon Rocks, The Painted Desart

An unusual subject for Infrared to be sure!  But IT WORKS!  The location is the Painted Desert in Arizona. This was a drive by vacation photograph taken with a 665nm G10 point and shoot.  Very little thought was given to the subject & composition at the time but much thought has been given to it since then. This is an image that tells a story of imagination and childhood.  Every time I look at it I am brought back to the moment that I took the image!  That makes it a perfect travel photograph but what about artistic? To me is is deep and moody, showing something out of childhood stories.  I am drawn to the monsters head and back scales every time I look at it.  OK, artistically it works very well also.  As far as Infrared goes, I may as well have been shooting Kodak Tri-x film with a red filter for the sky (hmm, another good use for IR on strange subjects!).  The bottom line with this image is that it just plain works…. period!  The technical side of the image is perfect.


Image 4, Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano (Active) Costa Rica

Ok, the last image for this post!  Another travel picture!  But this one is different.  It is of the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica smack in the middle of a resort on the side of the thing!  It was smoking, rumbling and throwing rocks!  It was both exciting and scarry at the same time. I was standing with a 665nm G10 camera trying to decide how best to shoot this monster and finally gave up and just started taking images.  A perfect example of how our brains some time just turn off!  All in all I am still pleased with this image.  It DOES have a clearly defined subject, it tells a story (RUN) and it shows off the IR spectrum with the sky and trees.  I really couldn’t ask for more (even with the cone being dead center in the image!). The exposure is great, and it is very sharp.  A keeper to be sure.  Faux?  Perhaps but I stuck with B&W for it and will STICK TO MY GUNS!  So there!

Well there you are!  All done. It really wasn’t too difficult viewing my vacation pictures was it?  I didn’t think so!  OK, now it is your turn.  I will be fair no matter what you have to say and post your comments here for all to see!


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