It Is Almost Here!

A Week From Today!

A week from today I will be sitting in my hotel in Athens Greece!  It should be a lot of fun and the weather is about the same as here in South Carolina. We have 4 day trips out of Athens and 1 over night trip to the monasteries in the mountains where the 007 movies where shot!



I am going to take 2 camera systems, the Olympus E-PL1 Full Spectrum Infrared with two filters (590nm & 720nm) and the Olympus E-P2 color system.  I am only going to take 2 lenses, the MZ 14-150mm and the MZ 9-18mm.  I will also take an external flash, about 5 batteries & a charger plus a  really small lightweight carbon fiber tripod.   I think that I will also add a couple of 10 stop ND filters in case I see some water falls! I really need to keep the weight down since I will have to carry this stuff around.  I have a small Think Tank 35 over the shoulder case that will also carry my Ipod (can’t leave home without that can I!).  I also have a tiny GPS unit that will track my movements and attach info to each image that I take as long as I can keep enough batteries on hand for it but I will try…  I have given my travel kit a lot of thought.  I will NOT take a computer system, it is just too fragile and easy to steal, rather I have two 32 gig and six 16 gig SD cards which is enough for several trips over!


Gitzo 1541T With RRS 40 Ball Head

This really doesn’t sound like a lot of stuff but it adds up in weight. It is around 8 pounds now and like I said, I have to carry it. The Tripod is the hardest to carry but it is tiny even with the Really Right Stuff BH-40 ball head attached. The legs fold up over the ball head and it is very light!

I am a worried about pic pockets and keeping my stuff mine, but I think that I can handle that (please..).  They say that there is not any violent crime at all in the country otherwise.

I plan on shooting Infrared 80% of the time but will take some color images if the light is acceptable.  Stay tuned for images!



Arenal Volcano, Travel Photography Is Fun!


7 comments on “It Is Almost Here!

  1. Looks like you are an expert in this field, you got some great points there, but you’ll want to add a facebook button to your blog. I just bookmarked this article, although I had to complete it manually. Simply my $.02 🙂

    – Daniel

  2. In my travels, most hotels have an internet cafe that has the ability to burn CDs or DVDs. As well, in countries where everyone does not own a PC there are numerous “internet cafes” where files can be transferred to CD/DVD.

    Have a great trip! 🙂

  3. Have fun and be careful!!!! The world is a crazy place!!!! Especially if you have nothing to defend yourself with! Might I suggest a 6 3/4 inch phillips screwdriver. you can carry that on the plane legally! Anyway have fun and if we don’t see you before have a Merry Christmas!

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