Great Greece Trip Day 3, Wednesday, Delphi

    Wednesday, Delphi, Apollo’s Temple!


2 Day Trip To Delphi & Meteora

Today starts a 2 day trip to Delphi and Meteora.

On The Way To Delphi, Faux Color IR, 590nm

Got up at 6:00am in order to get ready and have breakfast at the hotel. It was ok in that they had hard boiled eggs, cheeses and meats. Walked 1 block to the Stanley hotel to catch the tour bus. We rode around Athens for about an hour picking up other tourists, changed buses and got on the road.  It was a 4 hour ride to Delphi with a rest/food stop half way.


Delphi Ruins, RAW Out Of Camera 590nm Infrared

Delphi, the temple for Apollo was amazing. Not much of the temple is left but there is enough to stun you. The stone is a gold/rust color and there was green grass and trees everywhere. The hills were  covered in green and full of giant rocks. It is surrounded by stark and rough mountains.  Since we did not arrive until 11:00 the light was pretty harsh for normal color work (but I still took some) but it was perfect for infrared. I set up with a 590nm super color B+W 090 filter to bring out the temple rock color and was still able to generate stunning B&W images.


Delphi, 590nm IR Faux Color IR Image

Delphi is the home to Apollo’s temple and the oracles of ancient Greece. They were always 3 really young or very old women who held audience once a month on the 7th. They would eat great amounts of basil which at that level poison but it would make them hallucinate and speak gibberish. Three men would then translate and write what they said for those who came to ask questions of their future.

As you can see, the Faux Color Infrared is working very well at this location for the lighting conditions!  I am very happy with this as normal color images are being washed out due to the harsh light! It is about 12:00 here and the sun was very high although the clouds tended to help a little bit!



Delphi, 590nm IR Faux Color IR Image

Delphi was pretty amazing an a good place to stop and photograph. Below are two images of the hills above the ruins at Delphi.  As you can see even the hills are covered in small ruins with lots of grasses and trees which make for good Faux Color Infrared images.  I am giving you a B&W version as well to see the difference between the tow bands so that you can choose which look you like the best!


The Hills Around Delphi, 590nm Infrared.

At noon we caught a bus for the 5 hour trip to the monasteries at Meteora. We stopped for the night at the town of Kalambaka which is next to Meteora at the Amalia Hotel. This is a first class hotel that provided all of our meals in  large clean comfortable surroundings.

The Hills Around Delphi, B&W 590nm


Here is a normal color image of the mountains surrounding Delphi showing the fog coming over the top of them.

Delphi: Surrounding Mountains

And one last image of the Temple of Apollo itself!

Temple Of Apollo, Delphi, 590nm B&W Infrared


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