Great Greece Trip Day 1, Monday

    Flying, ICK!

This is a series of posts not really concentrating on Infrared Photography per say but geared more towards taking a major photographic excursion and using both Infrared and Color to overcome travel conditions yet still walk away with great images. And yes it IS about my trip to Greece which is about Color and Infrared photography!

These next 9 posts about the Greece trip will include NO photographs. I am not processing images while underway. So I will add them here in a week or so… 🙂

The Great Greece Trip starts today.  Ellen, Ryan and myself fly out to Athens.

First leg, Charleston to Atlanta, delta, Monday
Second leg, Atlanta to Paris, delta/air France, Monday/Tuesday
Third leg, Paris to Athens, air France, Tuesday

1st, OK flight, had to switch 2 terminals, ICK.
2nd, 767, large airplane, iffy bitty seats! I feel like I am a corn kernel on the ear.  Terrible, uncomfortable but good food with free wine (OK I should have drunk more).
3rd, mid size A320 with bigger seats. Paris has a winter storm overnight and everything was frozen solid so we were 2 hours delayed in leaving for Athens.  The airport is the worst poorest design that I have ever been in.


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