Great Greece Trip Day 2, Tuesday

    STILL Flying, ICK!

These next 9 posts about the Greece trip will include NO photographs. I am not processing images while underway. So I will add them here in a week or so… 🙂

Arrived in Paris at last!

The Paris airport is terrible! It covers miles.  You have to leave the secure terminal and WALK forever to get from E to D. It must have taken us over a half hour of fast walking!  Then you have to go through customs then security again.  What a pain in the butt!  The airport signs conflict with each other and make no sense at all.  I was doubting we were going to make our connection.  I hope that I never have to go through there again.  The funny thing is that I was there about 15 years ago but don’t remember it this way at all (but I didn’t have to connect).

Last connection to Athens.  Very comfortable flight but Paris had an ice storm in the morning and we were delayed 2 hours.

Arrived in Athens at last. Luggage was here and customs a wave through.  Our limo ride was waiting at customs for os with a sign even being 2 hours late. He didn’t speak a word of English but knew where to take us.

It was a long drive to the Apollo Hotel but we made it.  Nice looking on the outside and clean.  The room is TINY with 3 twin beds but clean, OK.

Went down to the lobby for a drink and the hotel manager treated us to shots of Ouzo! Finally, vacation is here!

We just went out and walked a block or two till we found a little diner and ordered 3 different Greek meals to try and share. Pretty good food so far.  Then to a bakery (you cannot spit and not hit one, they are everywhere!) for baklava, it was good but I have had better at home, what gives here?

Back to the hotel, we have a 2 day trip tomorrow at 7:30am.


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