Great Greece Trip Day 6, Saturday, Poros, Hydra & Aegina

    Saturday, Three Greek Islands Tour!

New Years day, today is when the Greeks have their Santa visit and presents! NOT much is open so we were lucky to get this tour… It was also very overcast and stormy for this trip, you know… Moody!

Entrance To Hydra Past The Fort, 590nm Faux Color Infrared


Fort Overwatch On Hydra, 590nm Faux IR

Three Greece Island Tour & Cruise

Getting To The Islands!

One of the things I wanted to see on this trip were insanely saturated colored fishing boats on the Mediterranean and Adriatic oceans. Today this dream photographic experience came through in spades! It couldn’t have been more perfect, great moody clouds on a dark blue pallet, perfect smooth mirror flat ocean, soar warm light and several cameras in my hands!

While I did shoot some infrared today (clouds, glass water surface, come on!) the majority of my images (10 to 1) were color. Remember the dream, super saturated COLOR boats on the Med.  So out came the Olympus E-P2 with the 14-150mm lens and the external viewfinder for better control!


Islands In The Aegein Sea, 590nm Faux Color Infrared


Transportation On Poros

It was a 2 hour boat trip to our first island destination of Poros in the Saronic Gulf. There is a thin strip of water between the mainland and island a few hundred yards wide which has amazing tides and an interesting lighthouse which I photographed in infrared.  The island was colorful and pristine. The port was small and full of character full of fishing boats, shops and cafe’s. I would liked to re-photograph the lighthouse in color. This was a nice visit but a bit overcast so I concentrated on infrared (599nm).

Have you noticed that ALL of the roads are made of marble?


The ONLY Transportation Allowed On Hydra! No Wheeled Vehicles!



Welcom To Hydros, Port Entrance


Outside The Port Of Hydra, 590nm Faux Color Infrared

Fishing Boat

OMG! This is photographic heaven! As the ship was entering the harbor during a traditional Greek lunch I kept getting upset because dozens of fishing boats kept sliding by but I needn’t have worried!

Again here as in Poros, ALL of the roads are made of marble!


Harbor Full Of Fishing Boats

The small harbor is flanked by 2 small forts and 3 windmills and surrounded by mountains covered by amazing small white houses!  There are absolutely NO wheeled vehicles allowed on the island at all. Instead there are donkeys covered in colorful attire that can be hired to carry stuff or a passenger to any required destination!  There are HUNDREDS of painfully colorful small gas and sail powered fishing boats everywhere tied up both bow and stern in as well as puttering about the crystal clear azure blue waters in the bay!  With the E-P2 and the 14-150mm lens NOTHING was too far or too close for me to capture!  I haven’t taken this many color images since humming bird season!  Just thinking about this island and the photographic gift given to me there brings tears to my eyes!  Did I mention the fishing boats! OMG!!


Hydra Fishing Boats

Hydra Fishing Boat


Hydra Fishing Boat


Hydra: View Of The Fort

Hydra: On Watch 590nm Faux Color Infrared

Leaving Hydra Past The Fort, Look At That Storm!

Hydra Shoreline Where "Boy On A Dolphin" Was Shot


Windmills On Hydra, 590nm Faux Color Infrared

We also walked up one side of the harbor to photograph the windmills, the rust colored coastal rocks against the deep blue ocean and islands… Pass the tissues please.

This is a huge island with the 2nd largest commercial port in Greece.  We opted to take
a bus excursion around parts of the island instead of walking around the port. We would have been better off staying in port and exploring on our own.  Plus our bus broke down and we were last back to the boat which was overbooked and did not have enough seating on the HEATED inside of the boat! There was a very nice lighthouse on Mono a small island close to the harbor entrance which I photographed in color.


Agios Nektarios church and Agia Triada Monastery

The church is named after its founder, Agios Nektarios, who died in 1920 and was canonised in 1961. His relics are preserved in the first chapel of the Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) Monastery, next to the church. “Agios Nektarios” is located in the middle of the island at a 10 minute car ride from Aegina town or Aghia Marina.

The Temple of Aphaia / Afea is arguably the jewel in the crown of Aegina island. Whether or not you are especially interested in history and archaeology, failure to visit this outstanding monument would be a great pity. It is a stunning example of ancient architecture set in a beautiful natural forested area with sensational views across the island to the sea.


Aegina, Temple Of Aphaea


Aegina Lighthouse On The Island Of Moni



Camera Obscura

This has to be one of the coolest things photography related that I have seen in a LONG TIME!  A cylindric house, with twelve openings: the light that enters the room produces a twelve part panorama image of the outside world, upside down and reversed on a semitransparent screen. This building was part of the Light & Image exibition which took place in may 2003.


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