CNPA Annual Meeting Infrared Happenings…

WOW, Infrared Photography Is Growing!

630nm Faux Color Infrared, Carson Elizabeth

I just returned from the CNPA, (Carolina’s Nature Photography Association) 2011 Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC this past weekend. I was REALLY surprised over all of the Infrared activity shown there!  While there were NO speakers pondering Infrared in Nature photography, there were lots of people interested (CNPA, take note of this!).  The members sale tables had several IR systems for sale that didn’t last the first day!

I was approached by at least 40 people who not only want to be involved with Infrared (or already are) but who wanted more workshops and excursions!  Needless to say this was very exciting for me!  I love the fact that we are getting a serious following now within CNPA!

I think that I will put together our next workshop/excursion for mid April (lets get some leaves on the trees)! In the meantime I have created a Face Book users group called Infrared Photography Group.  Please drop by and sign up for it. I have added a user gallery, sales/swap section, meeting notifications and general informational postings.  This will be a good place to trade information and such in a timely fashion until I can get something a little better and perhaps attached to the CNPA site directly.  Either way please keep checking here and on the Infrared Photographers users group on Face Book for up to date information!


4 comments on “CNPA Annual Meeting Infrared Happenings…

  1. Now that I was one of the ones who sold my IR system… What ever will I do until I purchase another one?? EEEK! Infrared has become a passion for me.. Yes, I think we need an Infrared talk next year at CNPA.

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