A Day Of Perfect Photography…

I Tried For Color Work But Switched To Infrared!

Oh, MY!  I do so love the B+W 091 630nm deep red Infrared Filter!  The reds, pinks and yellows that it creates for a scene with various types of trees and lighting are just breath taking!  Case in point, consider the following image.  This was taken on a long overdue photographic trip to Magnolia Gardens in Charleston, SC at the end of March.  I actually went to take color images due to the explosion of flowers, but kept finding myself with the Infrared camera in my hand time and time again without even realizing it!

Now I can see why!

Bridge At Magnolia Gardens, 630nm IR, Faux Processing

I am stunned by the emotional pounding that this image creates in my mind.  It is though I am sitting in the grass looking at the bridge, smelling the flowers and hearing the birds sing!  I cannot ask any more of one of my images than to do just this!

I did something a little different with these images in Post Processing!  Let me share it with you and perhaps you will decide to try it yourself!

  1. I did my normal cropping to my master storage size of 12.5×8.5 making sure that the image was at 300dpi and in the Adobe RGB 1998 color space
  2. I ran NIK Software’s Define 2.0 for noise reduction.
  3. I then ran NIK Viveza 2.0 and specifically added 20% structure and 10% extra contrast without any control points so that the changes affected the entire image!  This was to create a brighter deeper image before I ran the channel swap Photoshop Action!  WOW!  WHAT A DIFFERENCE THIS MADE!
  4. I then ran the channel swap action and proceeded as normal with the rest of my Post Processing Recipe!

For the B&W conversion I took the finished Faux Color image and ran it through NIK Silver EFX Pro and added contrast, structure and reduced brightness!  Remember to change the image MODE in photoshop to Grayscale once you are done with Silver EFX!

Here is the finished B&W version of the same image.  Please let me know what you think of these and which you like the best!

Bridge At Magnolia Gardens, 630nm B&W

Here are a few more from the outing but they are NOT in the same league as the first two! All of these images were processed by using Viveza 2.0 prior to the Channel Swap Action!

Audubon Swamp at Magnolia Gardens, 630nm B&W

Audubon Swamp at Magnolia Gardens, 630nm Faux Color

"The Path Least Taken" at Magnolia Gardens, 630nm B&W







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