Oh My GOD! What Have I Created?

And Now For Something Different….

Not your normal flower image! While this is a normal Faux Color Infrared image, there is nothing normal about  its outcome. I love the color ranges displayed here  in Infrared!  The different Hue’s of the flowers and leaves both real and reflected are caused by varying angles and intensity of the sun as well as how they react in the IR world.  You NEVER know what you are going to capture until you return home! To me the striking part of this image are how the colors assault your eyes and affect you on a much higher level than normal photography possibly can!

Faux Color Magnolia Gardens, Flowers and Leaves

What makes this image so special to me are the deep range of colors across the whole image. It seems like now matter where your eyes fall, they uncover something new and wonderful!  Even the water reflection has a major impact on the color contrast range that says OMG! The wide range of the colors are the result of using the B+W 091 630nm IR filter of course but it is the OUTCOME due to the Post Processing is the direct reason why the image grabs you by the throat and screams “LOOK AT ME!”.

Processing was slightly different with this image then with the previous post. Earlier I was setting up my image as a landscape.  This new image is simply a DETAIL of the same landscape but taken with an eye for the sun direction and color of the flowers and leaves. I was hoping for something spectacular and found it!  As with the previous post I followed the modified recipe for Post Processing a 630nm filter.

  1. I did my normal cropping to my master storage size of 12.5×8.5 making sure that the image was at 300dpi and in the Adobe RGB 1998 color space
  2. I ran NIK Software’s Define 2.0 for noise reduction.
  3. I then ran NIK Viveza 2.0 and specifically added 20% structure and 10% extra contrastwithout any control points so that the changes affected the entire image!  This was to create a brighter deeper image before I ran the channel swap Photoshop Action!  WOW!  WHAT A DIFFERENCE THIS MADE!
  4. I then ran the channel swap action and proceeded as normal with the rest of my Post Processing Recipe!
  5. BUT THEN I called up another of NIK Software’s world class filters and ran the TONAL CONTRAST filter in the COLOR EFX PRO plugin.  The result was this incredible image full of contrasts tonalities as well as contrasting colors!

Take a look at the original RAW converted image.  Do you notice the subtle coloration changes across the flowers and leaves?  Each change in shading in the blues and reds will create a totally different color when Faux processed! This is what I was looking for when taking the picture.  I knew that Post Processing would produce something great!

Un-modified RAW Converted Image

I am VERY interested in your thoughts in this process.  Like I said, I NEVER take Infrared flower shots.  Nothing ever turned out pleasing with the effort. I can see now that I was wrong….. Heck, dont you just hate it when that happens?

Let me know what YOU think…



10 comments on “Oh My GOD! What Have I Created?

  1. What types of places did you visit? I really liked the shrines and temples. I went to Kamakura while I was there. I also liked the cultural things such as bonsai and ikebana flower arrangements. I also learned how to make dolls. The kimono patterns and Japanese historical art are also very interesting to me. When you visit my blog again you will see how much Japanese art I cut and paste there.

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