Tools For IR Processing UPDATE!

A Quick Update…

A reader sent me a comment today about a plugin for Adobe Elements that will fix the issue of not having a Channel Mixer.  The company name is » Elements+.  I downloaded and installed the update and have to tell you that fora $20.00 investment you get a great working Channel Mixer!  I am running Windows 7 on a 64 bit system and it works perfectly on Elements 9!  It is still not able to run Photoshop Actions, but the actual recipe for doing the channel swap is so easy that you can do it with your eyes closed!  I will do a post on the process within Elements tomorrow for you all.  In case you missed the comment about this from Martin here it is:

Hello Mark,

Thanks for your information. I’m an IR addict who has four IR converted cameras that were acquired before I knew the value of a color channel mixer.

I’ve always objected to Photoshop CS because of its price. After buying a Mac computer with Aperture, I progressed to the channel mixer problem and found two much less expensive solutions. (Note I can prove what I have to say in the Mac environment, as for Windows, I’m fairly certain, but not totally certain that these solutions will work.

For Mac alone, Pixelmator, an import from Great Britan has a channel mixer that easily plugs into Aperture. That’s a fact.

My best solution however wraps around Photoshop Elements and a plugin named Elements +, a $20 add on that puts a channel mixer in hand via PSE. My experiments with PSE 8 and 9, on the Mac, put version 8 on top because of the ease I had in adding Andrei Dubrovsky’s Elements +. With PSE 9 had to engage Erin at Texas Chicks to install Andrei’s neat package of marvelous plugins/actions. I think both versions will easily accommodate Andrei’s plugins if done on a PC.

Accordingly, I’m an IR buff who has found a low-cost way to get rolling in infrared post-processing, and I’m glad to pass it on to anyone who enjoys IR photography.

One more item. I’d sure appreciate some leads as to where I can purchase the low number IR filters that you have convinced me I need.

All the best, and thanks again for your outstanding information.

Martin Young
Peterborough, New Hamphire

Thanks Martin for that GREAT tip!


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