The Great Grist Mill GPS Project

Please Help!

Hagood Mill, 630nm, SC

I am in the process of building a GPX file that can be downloaded to your own GPS  (once downloaded here on the right) and have EXACT driving directions to these fabulous photographic icons!  I think that I am up to about 60 mills so far but it is a DIFFICULT job!  The amount of research on the internet and in books is mind boggling!  Many of the mills found offer no address or lat/long.  Several provide maps only that take time to locate within my Garmin software for creating the lists.

Old French Mill, 590nm, TN

I have joined SPOON and located several other online data bases that contain mill listings like Ohio Barns (another name for covered bridges!)  Each and every day I locate a new mill and add it to my own database to create the current GPX files.  This takes real time….

Rock Run Mill, 630nm, MD

There are many mills that I choose not to add.  I am mainly looking for mills worthy of photography and not factory mills that simply show a large industrial building.  This alone removes about 50% of the available mills from the running!  I just got back (well 2 months ago) from a 2 week long mill exploration trip between South Carolina and Boston including states as far west as Tennessee  and Kentucky!

Within the week I will add the Mills.gpx file to the download are on the right side menu for you to start using!

Mingus Mill, TN

If any of you out there know of any good grist mills worth visiting then please send the information along to me and I will add it to my own listing.  I have most of the mid and eastern states added except for Ohio and NY.  I am currently struggling through PA but I have to tell you that there are more mills there than in any other state!

Please feel free to include listings for Covered Bridges as I will create a GPX file for those as well!

Here is the data that I need, you can even send along a GPX file from your own gps via email as well:

  • Mill Name
  • Mill Address
  • Closest City
  • Description of mill
  • Photographic composition suggestions and site layout
  • Lat/Long
  • Mill Web Page
  • Small Photo of Mill

The Cuttalossa Mill, PA

Please consider helping me in this work as it will benifit us all!


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