Added Grist Mill GPX and Covered Bridge GPX Updated Files!

Go Get Them!

Glade Creek Mill, WV

There are two new downloads for your GPS system in the download box!  I added the Covered Bridges in Georgia and several NEW and corrected Grist Mill locations!

These are in the GPX file format and can be downloaded from here from the download menu on the lower right menu.

Once you have them on your computer you will need to have the GPS software that camera with your personal GPS to download them into your GPS.

Once done they will be available for you while you travel around the country!

As Always, I would appreciate ANY help that any of your could offer in expanding this database!  So far there are 185 Grist Mill locations and I would like to double that by the end of the year.

Send the following information to have it included in the Database:

  • Mill or Bridge name
  • Address
  • State
  • Lat/Long (IMPORTANT)
  • Description
  • Info on ownership and contact info if on private property.
  • You name and email
  • Best time of day and season for photographing them
  • Image if possible

2 comments on “Added Grist Mill GPX and Covered Bridge GPX Updated Files!

  1. Greetings, My name is Steve Spring and I am the Mill List Coordinator for the Society for the Preservation of Old Mills and have the list of approximately 3,500 mills throughout the United States as well as Canada. Also looking for updates of the mills. As we update the listing, we are adding more history/information. Thanks for your service and site. Perhaps we could coordinate.


    • Steve, Thanks for the comment and request. I am actually a member! It has always been my intention to contact you and offer this to the members as well. I can make the updated files available to you as a downloadable file from the main spoom site as well. But I am just starting out (well about a year now) and currently have most of the east coast done all the way west to Missouri. It would be nice to ask members to submit for it as well don’t you think?

      I have spent several months of travel now putting this together and will drive hundreds of miles out of my way to visit a mill. In fact I am leaving for Georgia this morning to visit 2 mills there! Please let me know how we can work together in this. For now any of your members may submit via email their mills to me and download the gpx files from the blog here!

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