Photographic Notes Page

I have added a new Photographic Notes page!

Plan and turn this SUBJECT into...

This is a new section designed to document and teach basic photographic planning, destinations, composition while also providing subject location information!  The data here is neither Infrared or Color specific… Rather it is Photography specific!  It is how I plan and document my photographic journeys. I hope that you enjoy and are able to use this information. To access it simply click on the NOTES menu button on the top of this page then select the drop down menu item that interests you!

I normally keep my notes on an Apple iPad (1) using an application called Penultimate which is the best and most versatile note and image writing tool that I have found for the Apple family of portable devices.



4 comments on “Photographic Notes Page

  1. Hello Mark,
    I note with interest your formula for getting “milky white” water streaming over the fall. This is one of my pet wonderments–prompting the question why. In my opinion, real water doesn’t look that way. Rather I see it burbling, gurgling, reflecting, and making noise. Ironically, I’ve been trying for years to predictably capture my take on running water in natural environments. So far, I’ve got what I wanted by accident. Learning how to do it purposely would be a plus for me.
    BTW we’ve got two or three damns within walking distance of my New Hampshire home, so I have plenty of opportunity to practice, that is until it freezes. When that happens it’s a whole new ballgame.
    Please keep spreading the good news.

    • There are 2 schools of thought on moving water. Almost 100% of new photographers will shot it as seen ie: fast moving with clearly sharp water drops. This of course is the easiest to do in normal bright light and justly turns into the defacto standard! The other school is more of an artsy interpitation of what the water is actually doing, moving. The thought process here is to create an etherial image that implies movement without the harsh clearly defined edginess that a fast shutter speed creates! This type of photography is more widely accepted by photographers who are attempting to create art rather than document a thing.

      I myself like the implied movement generated by the milky tonality of the surface created by a very long shutter speed.

      Whichever approach you choose is perfect! After all, art is in the eye of the beholder!

      Thanks for the comments and consider sending me an example image of a shot that appeals to you on an emotional level so that I can really understand where you are coming from!

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