As a life long photographer with over 45 years of photographic experience under my belt (and hopefully still counting!), I never cease to be amazed each and every time I pick up an Infrared Camera system and look at a scene through infrared eyes! This addiction to Infrared has allowed me to rebuild a photographic passion that has lasted over 45 years into something uncontrollable.  I just cannot stop.  I might take 1 color photography to every 500 IR images, until the Hummingbird photography season in August at which time the numbers will reverse (please see ).  The problem (if you will) is due to the fact that Infrared images show the normal everyday scenery all around us as something new and exciting.  We see things differently. With such a long history of photography in my background, it is easy to loose your excitement or passion for it from time to time.  I have found that through Infrared photography, I have regained that excitement times 10!  And it is no wonder, the images generated are ethereal and thought provoking! Instead of just glancing through a library or gallery of images, I am LOOKING, STUDYING and finding DEEPER MEANING TO LIFE through my images.  They have that much impact on me.

I hope that I can share this passion with you for Infrared Photography through this teaching blog and through my main Infrared WEB site,

Thanks for visiting!

Reflections, Pawleys Island Marsh, 720nm Faux Color Infrared


3 comments on “Addiction

  1. Thanks for the reply….my Canon T2i’s are converted to 590nm, 630nm, 720nm and 830nm. I will search your BLOG today…thanks. I cannot make it to Charleston for a live instruction this Thursday, but if you let me know the next one, I will make every effort to join you.

  2. Thanks for these wonderful pictures. I have converted 4 Canon Rebels digital to four different types of IR filters. I used PS CS5 and ELEMENTS 10. HOWEVER , I just cannot get the picture quality that you display. I live on the NC coast with wonderful sites and photo ops, but once I get the pictures into my PC,,,,,the impact is gone. Can you steer me into the correct post processing???

    • Nick, look thru the blog and got back (on the bottom of the page select older posts. What ever IR conversion you are using you can follow the 590nm and 630nm post processing recipes here. Look specifically for the 590nm posts. Download the channel swap action here also, it does a much better job than by doing it by hand. You can also take a workshop if you prefer live instructions. We have one starting this Thursday in Charleston, SC. THere is a post here about it as well!

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