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A small gallery of my favorite Infrared Images!

I do not like all of my own Infrared work!  Quite a few of my images are in my library because of you!  You vote either through sales or comments and I then add those chosen images to my portfolio.  I do not mean to suggest that they are bad, in fact they are not or I would not include them.  But rather they simply do not speak to me!  So what I am going to share here will be a small gallery of my own personal image selections based simply upon my own likes. These images below speak directly to my own sense of self and impact heavily upon my emotional state.   I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do.

I will always add news images at the top so that you will see them first when you return!

Thanks for looking!


The Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway is perhaps the most photographed mill in America!  But how many have seen it done so in Infrared?

The Mabry Mill, 630nm IR

The Mabry Mill, 630nm IR


OMG!  This location is AMAZING!  It was like driving down into the “Lord Of The Rings” movie!  Have a week?  That might be enough time to spend here…

The Cuttalossa Mill, 630nm IR

The Cuttalossa Mill, 630nm IR


The Rock Run Mill in the Cumberland/Maryland Gap!  This is an amazing location and I could have spent several days with this mill!

The Rock Run Mill, 630nm B&W

The Rock Run Mill, 630nm


I this image I was out looking for lightning images during a series of bad thunderstorms!  I never did get one but this is a close second!

Storm on the Pawleys Island salt marsh! 720nm


Not your normal flower image! This is a Faux Color Infrared image. I love the color ranges displayed in Infrared!  The different Hue’s of the flowers and leaves both real and reflected are caused by varying angles and intensity of the sun as well as how they react in the IR world.  You NEVER know what you are going to capture until you return home! To me the striking part of this image are how the colors assault your eyes and affect you on a much higher level than normal photography possibly can!

Magnolia Gardens, FLOWERS in Faux Color


As usual, I am continually being amazed by the emotional impact that Infrared images create.  Here from 2 weekends ago are a couple of images from Magnolia Gardens in Charleston, SC.  This first image of one of the plantation bridges just takes my breath away!  The  following version in B&W is not far behind!  Which do you like the best?

Bridge at Magnolia Gardens

There is just something about this image that captures my attention. I find myself starting at if for a significant amount of time and being immersed in the feelings being generated rather than the image itself!

Bridge at Magnolia Gardens, B&W

This is almost as good in my opinion but not quite at the same level as the Faux Color version!


Oh man,  I thought that I was done posting images here today but I finished processing my images from Mycenae and all I can say is WOW…

Mycenae, 590nm Faux Color Infrared

The depth of this image (along with its corresponding B&W image below) totally caught me by surprise!  I was stunned by the emotional impact generated by these two images.  What we are looking at are the ruins of the palace itself looking back through the Lions Gate.  I cannot decide which I like better so I am looking for comments from you all!

Mycenae, 590nm B&W Infrared

See what I mean?  Both of these image versions grab me by the seat of the pants and will NOT let go!  I am going to quickly run out of top 10 spots because both of these belong there!

Mycenae And Surrounding Olive Groves, 590nm Faux Color Infrared

Another interesting image from Mycenae showing the Olive groves that surround the mountain peak that holds the palace!  Again, this image draws me into it!

Stairs To The Theater Of Epidaurus, 590nm Faux Color Infrared

Stairs seem to be a recent repeating thread here.  These like the ones below seam to be leading me towards heaven! The Faux colors are amazing and grab on and not let go!

Steps Up To The Acropolis, Athens Greece

This is an unusual Infrared image of the marble steps leading up to the Acropolis in Athens Greece. I like the way this image draws me into it with the C line of the stairs and the different colors of the leaves at 590nm!  This could be a stairway to Heaven!

Temple Of Poseidon, 590nm

Oh this is a tough one.  While the temple is the main subject it is the clouds that really draws me into the image. I like this one so much that I cannot decide upon the Faux Color or the B&W as my favorite!  One of these images is going  into my top 10 list! What do you think?

Temple Of Poseidon, 590nm B&W

It is such a tough choice that I have to go with both of them!

The Island Of Hydra: On Watch

Another Faux Color image, this one on the island of Hydra.  I love how your eyes are drawn across the canon to the far islands in the Aegean Sea.  There is something very soothing to me in this image!

"A Gate To No Where", Mycenea

This image speaks volumes to me.  The varying colors of the leaves, the remote peaks and the gate… This could be anywhere in the world, but it is in Mycenea Greece, where Helen Of  Troy was kidnapped by Paris!

The Temple Of Delphi, Temple Of Apollo

The Temple Of Delphi, Temple Of Apollo

With this image I can imagine the women priests in their drugged haze telling my future for me!  This was an amazing place and while access was difficult it was worth the effort.  I love the twin peaks in the distance, they seem to call out to me…

Temple of Apollo, Delphi

This image screams the Mediterranean to me.  Surrounded by tall thin pines and Olive trees gave it an aura of the very distant past.  I wish that I could have spent much more time here!

Above Delphi

Another image from Delphi!  There was just so many great locations in Greece that I surprised myself with all of my choices from this trip to be included in my favorites!

Waccamaw Access Creek, Brookgreen Gardens, 720nm

This image of a creek leading back to the Waccamaw River in Brookgreen Gardens is in my top 10 list of all time favorites.  There is just something about this scene and the approaching storm that grabs me emotionally and holds on for dear life.   Yikes!

The Jones Point Lighthouse, Alexandria, VA. 590nm

An obscure and unusual lighthouse in the Potomac River that I took while on a tour boat of the area.  I love old lighthouses and this one caught me by complete surprise!  I am going to have to spend a little time researching this one…

St. Charles Grist Mill Detail

I will drive a hundred miles out of my way to visit a grist mill!  Imagine my surprise when I discovered this mill in St. Charles, Mo. just 10 miles from my parents house!  I will now make it a point to visit this mill every time I go home! This image is pleasing because of the difficulty of photographing this mill crowded by other buildings! Processing was for the wheel itself to be done in Faux Color and the building to be in B&W which increased the apparent dynamic range of the overall image.

French Creek Mill, Tennessee

The French Creek Mill is my favorite mill.  I have been there several times in the past few years and have never been disappointed.  This image is pleasing due to the creek leading my eyes into the wheel and the water flowing over the side of it!  The colors themselves are very pleasing and the white spots in the foreground grass caused by direct sunlight are very interesting.

Pawleys Island North Causeway, Southern View

I like the colors of this image (590nm Goldie).  The golds and yellows are very appealing to me and draw me into the image!

The Wheel House Bell, B&W, R72, E-PL1 Full Spectrum Conversion

The Wheel House Bell, B&W, R72, E-PL1 Full Spectrum Conversion

An unusual detail image of a bell which tends to lead the shrimp boat on towards the unknown.  To me this one image symbolizes the entire life style of the shrimping industry. There is an aura of the unknown wrapped in excitement with dirty grueling work.  I cannot help but to stare at the bell, curious as to where it will take me! The dirty glass with a hand print seem to suggest the captain seeing something scary off in the distance over the ocean surface with his hands pressed tightly against the glass proclaiming “Oh My God!This image is in my top 10 list of all time favorites!

The Boots, 695nm, E-PL1 Full Spectrum Conversion

Another detail image, where I am looking for small parts to tell the big story of an industry falling to the wayside and soon to be gone and forgotten. Remember these images because the people, boats and lives they represent will disappear long before the images will fade from memory.

Shrimp Net & Floats, Faux, R72, E-PL1 Full Spectrum Conversion

This image of shrimp nets is an unusual image in that it has a depth that draws me so deep into the image that I have trouble backing back out again! Notice that I am creating a detail image of a part rather than the whole. I am looking to tell a story, one image at a time.

B&W IR Shrimper Detail

I like this B&W image of the bow of the shrimp boat sweeping up and forward away from the viewer.  To me it generates a sense of mystery about the boat and those who work on her!

B&W IR Winter Walk

I like this image, it has an off-world look to it. The sky is full of ice crystals that have totally blocked out the sunlight but you can still sense the light breaking through.  This is not your normal IR image.

Faux IR Pawleys Island Pier, Hurricane Hanna

Except for the mean sky in the background you wouldn’t know that this was during a bad hurricane on the South Carolina coast.  This is a very long exposure that was designed to soften the wave action under the pier.  This is a 720nm IR image.

Faux Color, 695nm, Pelican House Dock

The Pawleys Island Pelican House Dock on the island.  This was a fun image to create and I keep re-visiting it because it is different every time I photograph it.

590nm Faux US Capital

An unusual view of the US Capital Building from the mall when the sun was shining on the building but not on the surrounding area.

590nm Faux Color image of Mt. Vernon

I love the leading lines and rich colors provided by the 590nm filter. This is at the George Washington estate in Mt. Vernon.

590nm B&W Sandy Island School Boat

One of the very few school boats in operation in the United States. This one serves Sandy Island, SC which is a old slave community from the civil war.  Only decedents of the original slaves are allowed to own property there.

Canon 20D 590 nm Faux Marsh Path

This image suggests mystery. What will I find down the path? The sky is full and the colors are very saturated.  It draws me in.

E-P1 720nm Faux Pawleys Storm with Water Spouts

I love storm images. This on is very special due to the 3 water spouts coming out of the lower right corner and bending down to the water. Infrared has a tendency to push through water, dust and haze thus generating a much better image of the structures that make up storm clouds!

More To Come, but they will be filled in at the top!


12 comments on “Mark’s Gallery

  1. Absolutely beautiful images, Mark. I found your site by a fortunate accident. I’ve just bought into the Fuji camp (X-T1) and have an R72 on its way. Not as versatile as a converted camera I know, but funds are very tight until I have sold all my Canon gear.

  2. You have fantastic images and awesome composition. I have been shooting with a converted Canon 20D, 720nm. I have tried shooting in Raw and JPG, but have not been able to get any color out of the images. B&W looks great, but regardless of what I do I get no blue. When I do a channel swap I get all blue, but can’t add other color or hue.

    Do you have any advise or PS Actions you could recommend?

    I love the B&W, but would like to be able to add some hue to the image.


    • Rober, thanks for the complements! With your 720nm you are NOT going to get much color but yes, you will get enough to do some Faux Color images. White balance is critical in this and you MUST do it every time you change lenses or put on a filter. The corrected image after a proper WB will be one with a bronze colored sky and monochromatic plants with a slight mix of blue. I have a photoshop action here on the blog that you can download on the right column under downloads. It is called the Kromography IR action and you can install it in any full blown version of Photoshop but NOT Elements. Instructions can also be found here if you search out posts on 590nm and will take you step by step through the process!

      Keep on shooting and share some images with us on our face book page called Infrared Photography!

  3. I found your website by complete accident and have been glued to it ever since. A few months ago I had my Canon G9 converted to infrared and have been an infrared junkie ever since. Your work is beautiful. And Im soaking up as much information on your site as I can. I hope to one day photograph infrared a quarter as well as you. I’ve got a long way to go.

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