Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials for Color & Infrared Post Processing!


UPDATED: Color & Infrared Post Processing From Beginning To End INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!

2 – 1/2 hour video series on two DVDs by

Master Photographer Mark Hilliard



  1. This covers image ingestion using Ingestimatic for both Mac & Windows
  2. Raw conversion using Adobe ACR – Capture 1 Pro and Capture 1 Express
  3. RAW Library Setup
  4. Backup Strategies 
  5. Intelligent IR channel swap using the Khromagraphy PS Plugin Action
  6. Post Processing Color, Infrared and B&W using the Nik filter set in Photoshop. 
  7. Ideas on creating intense high impact images.

The majority of the video is screen capture taking you through the post processing workflow button by button, click by click.  All of the major RAW converters have their own separate video and you will learn about all 3 which will enable you to make intelligent decisions on which one is for you then be able to run it!

This is an in-depth tutorial and will give you the knowledge and recipe to take your own images from one end of the process to the other without pulling your hair out in frustration!

To Order:

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If you would like to read a little feedback from my students please click   HERE  and   HERE.

Video Course Inside

Video Course Inside


20 comments on “Video Tutorials

  1. I am trying to use Aperture with no luck. My Mac runs El Capitan and it does not work well with Elements 14. What do I have to do to get started on the right foot with IR ? My camera is a Fuji XT19 with an external 72Hoya filter…Can you help ? BST

    • Bernie, While you can use aperture and elements to work with color IR (720), the truth of matter is that you need the channel swap capability that ONLY photoshop can provide you. If you are only going to work in B&W then any photo editor including lightroom with the nik filters will work. I suggest that you stick to photoshop and the nik filter set to move forward. I also suggest that you pick up a copy of my DVD tutorial which takes you through all of the editors for IR.

  2. I would purchase this if it were downloadable, but the shipping costs make the product too expensive for those outside the US. I think you would sell many more copies if it were available as a download, thats the way things are going nowadays, what with fiber internet, we even have that here in NZ. Break it down into chapters and encode to 720p would be just fine.

  3. I’d order a downloadable version if available, shipping fee to Spain put me off. There are so many codecs to compress the video with minimum loss. Regards

  4. Hi Mark,

    First off, I’ve been following / reading your blogs regarding IR, very good information to people starting on IR like myself. I too am very interested in the DVD but there is no shipping cost to Australia? How much is it?

    What about re-encoding the videos so you can cut them down in size? Or zipping them in 2Gb chunks? Just a suggestion 🙂

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