Italy, 2012, Post 3

Images, Images and More Images!

Assisi, Road Thru Houses 590nm Infrared

Todays post are just a few more of my favorite Infrared Images taken around Italy.  All are 590nm with an equal mix of Faux Color and B&W.  The post processing on them are basically the same as in the last post.  All were taken with the Panasonic GH2 with the 14-140mm Panasonic lens.

Rome, the high fashion district at the Spanish Steps. Notice the vast crowds! 590nm

I will likely add some Color images here as well in the coming days to highlight the differences between locations done in both Infrared and Color!  But for now, on last gallery of Infrared images:

8 comments on “Italy, 2012, Post 3

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  2. Amazing IR photo’s. I’ve had the IR bug for a while now and your photo’s have me searching for a converted camera. Since you’re photo’s are so amazing, I thought you might be able to answer an IR question for me (since I’m new to IR). Is there much of a difference in a fully converted 590nm and a 600nm? I wanted a 590nm but found a great deal on a 600nm. That said, it’s not a great deal if it’s not close to the 590nm look. Thanks for your help!

      • I found a Nikon D70 for a great price. Thank you for replying! I might buy the D70. I’m a Nikon user so I wanted something I could interchange lenses with.

  3. Really glad I stumbled upon your blog! Your false color IR is the first of so many images Iv’e looked at that are so subtle as to feel natural and not over the top if you know what I mean. I will be backtracking through your posts as I want to get back to shooting IR and very interested in the equipment you use etc. Your eye for IR composition is terrific.

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