MOLINOLIGY: The Study Of Grist Mills

Molinology (from Latin: molīna, mill; and Greek λόγος, study) is the study of mills or other mechanical devices which use the kinetic energy of moving water or wind to power machines for such purposes ashammeringgrindingpumpingsawingpressing or fulling.

This is  special page dedicated to the photographic pursuit of Grist Mills along with a few covered bridges thrown in for spice!  I do not care if the images are in Infrared or Color, but Infrared images will score higher on my judging scale! (this is a IR BLOG!)

Ok, Mills… Hmmm what can I say?  They are my most coveted  subject matter! I will drive HUNDREDS of miles out of my way to find them.  To date in 2011 I have made 2, two week trips and 1, one week trip up and down the east coast from Georgia to Boston then west to Missouri in search of these fading beauties! I believe that I have covered 16 states so far…

The Old French Mill. This is one of my favorite mills!  This mill is only couple of miles off  I40 near Danbridge, TN.  I visit this location at least twice a year and shoot in Infrared (multiple spectrums) and Color!  It is in a farming area and near many nice barns and landscapes!

The Old French Mill, 630nm B&W, N36 01.041 W83 30.595, James M. Hilliard


Here is another image of The Old French Mill from last month (October)

The Old French Mill


To date, my favorite mill has been the Glade Creek Mill in the Babcock State Park, West VA.  This one single mill has everything that you could want for photography!  It has 2 water falls under the wheel, giant rocks, great looking mill and it is surrounded by high trees!  Now, couple this with fall colors and you get:

The Glade Creek Mill in Babcock State Park, W, VA

…and this:

The Glade Creek Mill in Landscape Mode! (You DO shoot in both formats...right?)



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